Pom and Dance Team

Pom Company
This competitive All-Star Pom and Dance team is set up as a feeder program for High School. Our program is designed to help excel each dancer to their fullest potential. We align our program to be an introduction to the competitive nature that current JV and Varsity dance teams experience. Infinity team philosophy is that we must develop and work toward forming cohesive ideas, aligning dance styles, and commitments of the Varsity level expectation in order to grow the Mukwonago area dance programs and be more competitive in that genre. Our program is open to all who have a desire to participate in a fun elevated competitive poms program. Infinity directors are Gina Chanos and Cindy Zuknik. The assistant coaching staff is comprised of veteran members of Mukwonago Varsity Dance Team. Mukwonago Varsity Dance Coach Kristi Murray is consultant and avid supporter of Infinity. Grade level is for the 2008-2009 school year. Juniors division – Grade 6-7-8. Tryouts will be held in May. To be put on our mailing list, please email us at or

Practice Times for 2008-2009
We practice every week, from June-February except on Vacations/Holidays.
Juniors – Monday 6:00-8:00, Thursdays 6:00-8:00
We will have some Saturday practices (approx 1 per month)
Also prior to competitions we may have some extended practices-TBD.

Pom choreography and technique will encompass both times and each class will have 1-2 assistants. If it is too time consuming for you, we encourage you to check out other dance classes to find something to better suit you.

Please see the fees page for approximate fees. This includes: camps, competitions, uniform, poms, shoes, tights, etc.

Mandatory Events
Private Pom Camp with Coach Kristi Murray 8/3/08-8/5/08

MHS Clinics TBD

October -Great America competition 10/12/08

November-WI Cheer and Dance Classic competition 11/15/08

December-Watertown Spirit Invitational 12/13/08

February-Badgerette Spirit Invitational 2/22/09 

July Mukwonago Parades (optional)

Aug/Sept Braves Football games (TBD)

Nov or Dec Perform with MHS Varsity Poms at Basketball Game

January 24th-State Regionals-Infinity Teams Support MHS Varsity Poms (optional)

February-Milwaukee Bucks All-Star Prime Time and Energee